Young Revolutionaries in Solidarity

Young Revolutionaries in Solidarity (YRS) is a revolutionary youth led campaign fighting against all forms of oppression in society. We are a youth organisation affiliated to Tamil Solidarity. We campaign in Universities with young people who want to bring change within their campuses and within South Asia where students and young people want to build the fight back.

Our current campaign is against the appeal verdict of Brigadiar Priyanka Fernando. Read more about it within our statement.


We organise regular public meetings for students and young people who want to learn more about Tamil history, current political climate in the UK and globally. This gives participants opportunity to learn, question and discuss about the topics.


Monday 19th April 2021

18:00 (GMT+1)


You can read more on our perspective about global events.

Join YRS in supporting the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign – to fight for better work opportunities and conditions for young workers and students. Written by Ragavi As a consequence of the pandemic, we have seen a rise in unemployment. […]
Amidst the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Israeli missiles have slaughtered over 217 Gazans, including many children. The bombardment caused by the Israeli state is causing devastation amongst the civilians in the densely populated Gaza strip. Article by Akhalya History […]
Written by Varssha¬† So far, 2021 has seen a flurry of activity that has united the Tamil diaspora in the past few months. Our struggle is slowly gaining ground due to the opposition developed around unlawful destruction of the Mullivaikal […]
Why we signed up


There are many reasons to join us – here are a few reasons why

I joined YRS because I want to do my best to stand against all forms of oppression. I recognise and value knowledge, development and discussion as a form of community building.


I joined TS as it was the only organisation that has a viable strategy to address the root cause of our struggle. We formed YRS to first organise Tamil youths to become a strong foundation for fighting oppression of not only Tamils in Sri Lanka but all oppressed communities.


I joined YRS as I understand the limitations of young people struggling as individuals. We can make a greater impact as part of an organisation with a clear strategy putting forward demands for long term gains incorporated with short term gains.


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Our Team

YRS would not exist without the hard work from our committee and members.  






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